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Registration Fees

Registration fees (in EUR) apply to payments received prior to the indicated deadlines.

Early Fee
April 3, 2024
Regular Fee
April 4 - May 29, 2024
Onsite Fee
May 30, 2024
Medical-Member*€ 535€ 635€ 725
Medical-Non-member€ 690€ 770€ 860
Medical-Low/Low-Middle income countries**€ 385€ 485€ 555
Nurse/Young Investigators/ Mentees/AHP**** – Member*€ 320€ 340€ 395
Nurse/Young Investigators/ Mentees/AHP**** – Non-member€ 370€ 435€ 480
Nurse**** – Low/Low-Middle income countries**€ 260€ 290€ 340
Medical Trainee (Students/Fellows)***€ 260€ 345€ 380

ESPNIC members: In order to apply for this category, please ensure your membership is approved and fees are paid for 2023 before you start the registration process. Registration will not be confirmed otherwise. To become a member of ESPNIC please click here.

** Low and Lower-Middle income countries: Defined according to the World Bank Country Classification of Low income and Lower – middle-income economies; please click here to see the Country Classification data.

*** Trainee (Student/Fellow): An official letter of the institution (PDF format), originally stamped and signed by the head of the department confirming this status must be uploaded during the registration process.

**** Nurse, AHP: A copy of your Nurse, AHP ID must be uploaded during the registration process.

Pre-Meeting Masterclasses

For further information, please click here

Masterclass Member rateNon-Member rateNurses/Student/AHP
Early rateRegular rateEarly rateRegular rateEarly rateRegular rate
Masterclass 01: POCUS in paediatric and neonatal critical care€ 170€ 200€ 170€ 200€ 170€ 200
Masterclass 02: Mechanical and non-invasive ventilation - Basic from (08:30 – 12:30)€ 170€ 200€ 220€ 250€ 70€ 100
Masterclass 02: Mechanical and non-invasive ventilation - Advanced (13:30 – 16:30)€ 170€ 200€ 220€ 250€ 70€ 100
Masterclass 03: ECMO for respiratory and cardiac failure in children – an interactive masterclass with inbuilt ECMO simulation sessions€ 170€ 200€ 220€ 250€ 170*€ 200*
Masterclass 04: Neurocritical care€ 170€ 200€ 220€ 250€ 70€ 100
Masterclass 05: Advanced Paediatric and Neonatal Sepsis Workshop€ 70€ 100€ 70€ 100€ 70€ 100
Masterclass 06: Positive approaches to safety, learning from excellence€ 70€ 100€ 70€ 100€ 70€ 100
Masterclass 07: Renal replacement therapy, CRRT€ 170€ 200€ 170€ 200€ 170€ 200

*Only available to Nurses not Students.

Fees for participants include:

  • Participate in all scientific sessions (except Workshops)
  • Attend Opening Ceremony and Welcome Reception
  • Access to the Exhibition area
  • Refreshments during coffee breaks as indicated in the program
  • Meet the speakers and experts in-person

Payment Methods:

Payment of participation fees in (EUR) can be done via the online registration process by the following methods:

  • By Credit/ Debit Card: Visa, MasterCard or American Express
  • By Bank Transfer (additional 30 EUR handling fee is required)

Please make drafts payable to:

Account Name: ESPNIC 2024 Congress, Rome
Bank Details: Credit Suisse Geneva, 1211 Geneva 70, Switzerland
Bank Code: 4835
Account Number:1500934 92 599
IBAN No:CH41 0483 5150 0934 9259 9

  • Please ensure that the name of the meeting and of the participant is stated on the bank transfer.
  • Bank charges are the responsibility of the participant and should be paid at source in addition to the registration fees.
  • Registration will only be valid upon receipt of the full payment by the registration department according to the deadline indicated. An email confirming registration will only be sent after receipt of the required fees.
  • Outstanding payments will be collected on-site and charged the on-site rate. A copy of the bank transfer (or other proof of payment) will be required in the event that registration fees were not credited to the meeting account on time.

Cancellation Policy

All cancellations must be electronically mailed. Refund of the registration fee will be as follows:

*Note, in case of cancellation at any stage, bank transfer handling fee (30 EUR) will not be refunded – applicable to bank transfer payments only.

  • ​​Cancellations received until and including April 4, 2024 – full refund
  • Cancellations received between April 5​ and May 29, 2024 – 50% will be refunded
  • As of May 30, 2024 – no refund will be made.

Group Registration

For groups of 10 participants and more please click here

ESPNIC 2024 Registration Department